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Hardy pro-air

Additional Information

 Hardy Pro-Air is the Dynamic Result of the merger and integration of independently successful systems design and sales of Hardy Systems with the service & manufacturing expertise of Pro-air Service.  Organized as a division of Meyer Machine & Equipment, we are focused on Sales and Service of air and material handling equipment for companies and municipalities nation-wide. 

 Our Systems group brings to the table the ability to take projects from concept all the way to start-up.  With our veteran staff we can consult on possible solutions to meet the most demanding applications.  We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of any situation.  Our manufacturing capabilities continue to grow and include both large scale and small scale fabrication and machine shop disciplines. 

 Our service group is focused on the needs of your organization to keep the Positive Displacement Blowers and/or Rotary Valves up and running.  Our staff has the ability to keep your equipment in top operating condition and also take care of that emergency break down situation.  We take pride in offering the service to support your organization for the equipment that we sell in addition to other manufacturers.  Repairing equipment before catastrophic failure is the easiest way to extend the life of equipment and reduce the cost of ownership. 

 Pro-Air Service has the means of repairing your equipment to “Like New” condition. Our repair technicians bring your equipment back to factory specifications for many more years of continued service. 


 Our line of standard blower packages are available for a wide variety of positive pressure and vacuum applications, such as pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum systems, dust collection systems, gas pressure boosting, mine and tunnel ventilation, aeration and agitation of waste water and other liquids, solids and powders; pressurization and metering of combustion air; and spot cooling of machinery and equipment. 


 All Hardy Pro-Air Systems blower packages are designed and built to provide smooth operation and long service life, and feature continuously-welded heavy steel angle frames, vibration isolation, and liquid-filled pressure gauges. Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better built blower package. 



We offer a complete line of …

• Filters & Filter Assemblies

• V-Belts & spare Drive Components

• Synthetic Oil & Grease

• Relief Valves for Pressure or Vacuum System

– Weight Loaded

– Spring Loaded

• Check Valves & Rebuild Kits

• Butterfly Valves

• Pressure & Vacuum

– Gauges

– Switches

– Transducers


 ■  Accoustically Insulated Steel Sound Panels
■  Locking Lift-Off Removable Doors on All Sides
■  Durable Powder Coated Steel Panel Design
■  Convenient Quick Access Inlet Filter Silencer
■  Vented Pressure Relief Valve
■  Integral Guage Panel
■  System Pressure or Vacuum
■  Inlet Filter Restriction
■  Blower Discharge Temperature
■  Power Ventilation of Enclosure
■  Fresh Air Cooling for Motor
■  Common Base with Integral Fork Slots
■  Timely service can be performed with easy access
change oil, air filters and maintain V-Belt drives. 



■  Cost Savings for Repair vs. Replacement

■  Faster Turn-Around Time on Repairs

■  Precision In-House Machining to Factory Specifications

■  Rush Service Available

■  Custom Fabrication & Designed Solutions



The Rotary Valve, sometimes known as the “Star Valve”, is a very important part of every material handling system. In some cases this may be used as an Airlock and in other situations it may act as a Feeder. In either case, the primary function of a rotary valve is to regulate the flow of a product, generally in dry powder or granular form, from one chamber to another while maintaining a regulated stable condition.

The materials of construction, rotor designs, special internal coatings, seal designs and internal clearances are all integral in the success of the system and longevity of the valve in the application.

With the valve serving at the heart of your system it deserves significant engineering attention. Our engineers will work with you to insure that all the questions are asked to provide you with the valve that will serve your process most effectively.