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 Global plants feature a modified activated sludge design based upon accepted technology that has been successfully used in the United States for many years. Many applications reuse the water for irrigation, or discharge into clean streams, rivers or lakes. The benefits of a “package plant” are combined with custom designed features for an attractive solution where raw sewage is or has been a problem. 

Applications and Designs:

 Installations can be for small cities and villages, subdivisions, hotels and resorts, factories, golf courses, office buildings, businesses, schools, shopping centers, apartment buildings, hospitals, mining camps, airports, prisons, agricultural processors, and government agencies. If biological processing of wastewater is required then the Global Systems can be adapted to the application. 



Every wastewater treatment system manufactured by GLOBAL INDUSTRIES includes a duplex motor and blower unit. Each unit provides 100% of the required air for the Aeration Basins and for the airlift pumps located in the Final Settling Basin

One motor/blower unit operates for 12 hours and will then shut down. The other unit will then run for 12 hours. The alteration provides mechanical redundancy and assures the performance will be as needed. Motor/blower units feature an air filter and silencers. Inlet and outlet silencers allow the units to run with the lowest possible noise level.

The electrical panel is designed to allow the operator to adjust the system to the exact conditions of the Plant. By adjusting the system the operational costs are reduced.



  • Complete plant with all components shipped in a container or by truck
  • Global’s pre-engineered system is easily assembled on a concrete slab by local labor
  • Operation and maintenance costs are minimal
  • Odors are eliminated
  • Lifetime of more than 20 years is common
  • Easily expanded for future needs
  • Crystal clear effluent


 1. Performance
a. Minimum Maintenance
b. Effluent will meet required parameters
c. Sludge is handled on an annual or semi-annual basis under normal conditions rather than on a daily basis .


2. Primary Separation Basin
a. Separation of solids without daily handling
b. Eliminates odors
c. Enhances biological process
d. Removes up to 70% of solids (TSS) and up to 40% of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

3. Multiple Basins
a. Overcomes shock loads and easily adjusts to peak flows
b. Possible to expand the system later should need arise
c. Circular basins eliminated “dead spots”
d. Individual controls on each Aeration Basin
e. Basins can be by-passed if initial flow is less than design

4. Duplex Motor/Blower Unit
a. Each unit is manufactured by Global Wastewater Treatment Systems to strict compliance at its factory in Grand Island, Nebraska. Before shipment each unit is thoroughly tested.
b. Global power units feature built-in equipment that provides a rated noise level less than 84 DBA. That is as much as 150% less noise than other systems. And it is a noticeable difference for many Global Clients.
c. Each motor/blower unit has 2 motors and 2 blowers. One unit will provide 100% of the required cfm for 12 hrs and turn itself off while the other unit is then turning on to provide continuous power and redundancy.
d. Global power units are state-of-the-art equipment. The power units have proven their worth in many locations throughout the world.


Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment



  • Multiple Options/Configurations
  • Easy To Assemble.  Low Maintenance
  • High Quality Materials.  Competitive Price
  • Precision Engineered For Strength & Integrity

System Features

Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment



  • All GTS sidewalls constructed from Grade 55 steelG115 galvanized coating for 27% longer life than G90
  • Industry leading 2.66” corrugation provides more steel per-square-inch compared to wide corrugation of same gauge.  Strength where you need it!
  • Optimal powder-coating available

Top Clamp

Secondary Containment

Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers



  • Rugged and durable for problem-free , drip-free liners
  • U-Shaped for fast and easy liner installation

Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers

Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers

Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers



  • Top quality SAE Grade 8.2 bolts for maximum shear capacity
  • JS1000 Plating System
  • Industry leading washers to tightly seal the bolt to the sidewall

Sealing Strips

Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers

Sealing Strips



  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Creates a water-tight bond on sidewall seams


Heavy-Duty Bolts with Seal Washers

Sealing Strips



12-gauge corners corrugated to align with sidewall sheets

  • Provides moisture-tight seal between sidewalls


Bulk & Wastewater Disposal Tanks



Cross-Over Stairs


  • Adaptable for a variety of custom applications for OSHA compliant entry and exit
  • Available in 30”, 60” and 120” lengths
  • Heights for 22.5”, 33.75” and 44.5” sidewalls
  • Fast & simple assembly
  • Available in powder-coat gray or color options available



 Your choice of post options to match the sidewall height including:

  • Surface Mount
  • Z-Posts
  • Concrete Surface