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In the mid-1950’s Dakota Pump Inc., under the name Sanders Inc., started manufacturing and marketing package pump stations in Sioux Falls, SD to meet a regional (North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska) demand. Located in Sioux Falls, SD, the company did well, considering its limited exposure.

In 1967, recognizing the company's potential, investors acquired the company from Sanders Inc. of Sioux Falls, SD and renamed it Dakota Pump Inc., which later moved to its current location in Mitchell, SD. The management philosophy changed from a factory direct regional sales effort to promoting and expanding a representation network, which would eventually cover the entire USA.

In 1971, a local businessman, Louis Sebert, was announced as the general manager. Over the next 25 years, Louis Sebert acquired the business. Currently, DPI is owned and operated by Louis’ three sons, Bob, Bill, and Jim, who strive to maintain the “family business” atmosphere. DPI is an active provider in the local community and takes pride in the “family oriented” approach to large water and waste water pumping solutions.

TODAY, Dakota Pump Inc. prides itself on manufacturing the BEST packaged pump stations for both water and wastewater applications as well as having a top-notch automated systems technology department second to none.

We invite you to experience the Dakota Pump Total Solution!


Automation System Technology Division

Our Automated System Technology Division specializes in Industrial Control and Automation for water pump systems. Services include system retrofitting and automating existing equipment engineering and designing new systems. DPI designs and builds control systems for multiple markets including Industrial, Agriculture, Grain Handling, Water Distribution /Collection, and Irrigation. These systems range from the very basic to state-of-the-art programmable  PLC and SCADA systems.

DPI houses a state of the art, custom panel fabrication shop, known for high quality wiring and documentation, point-to-point testing, on time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our clients rely on us to produce panels of exceptional quality at an competitive price.

Regardless of size or complexity we guarantee the highest standard of quality, safety, and reliability from design to construction. Our professional staff of automation engineers take pride in producing control systems with the utmost attention to detail. 

Each product is checked for quality during each step of the process, ensuring that each part meets specifications. A comprehensive final inspection and test prior to shipment ensures smooth startups and reduced time and frustration.



With client satisfaction in mind, we follow plans and specifications to the letter and we have a habit of meeting tough requirements.

A world-class water and wastewater packaged-pump manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology, Dakota Pump Inc. thinks big and always succeeds in giving life to its customer's most ambitious projects. True to our roots, we also know how to fulfill special requirements, which requires a team that is both available and attentive to clients needs.

Our team is one of the best, providing efficient and reliable technical and in-the-field support, whenever trouble arises. At Dakota Pump Inc., we're committed to getting the job done right!

Dakota Pump Inc. is a multi-service company specializing in water and wastewater packaged pumping solutions as well as PLC and System Automation. For clients that appreciate finding all the services they need from a single provider, Dakota Pump Inc. is a one-stop shop. No need to look elsewhere! Our versatility and willingness to meet challenges allow us to respond to speed and competitiveness requirements.​




  • Flow, Pressure, and/or Level Control
  • Vertical and horizontal water pumps
  • Steel piping with weld fittings
  • UL Listed Package Systems Available
  • Internal conduit and wiring
  • AutoCAD Drawings and Full Specifications Available on all Packaged Systems



Dakota Pump is a leader in the packaged water booster industry. Using our advantage as a single source supplier along with the use of nationally recognized manufactures of pumps and major components, our water booster stations are an excellent choice for both the Design Engineer and the end user.


 Due to a variety of options and pump/piping configurations, Dakota Pump offers a wide spectrum of opportunities with our water booster stations. Let our professional staff review your requirements and assist with the design of your next project. The opportunities are endless. 



  • Single source supplier - Dakota Pump Inc. can provide a complete packaged-pump station utlizing our Connect & Go Technology
  • Various Pump Configurations - Dakota Pump Inc. uses many pump brands for various configurations, sizes and shapes. We can assist you in designing a custom Packaged-Pump Station to fit your needs.



  • Warranty, Service and Maintenance Agreements – Dakota Pump Inc.'s standard 1-year warranty covers all pump station components to provide you with peace of mind. Dakota Pump Inc. can design a service and maintenance schedule to meet your project needs.​




  • Packaged Water Pump Stations - Above Grade and Below Grade        
  •  DPI - Connect and Go Technology
  • Name Brand Pumps and Configurations
  • All Systems Are Pre-Assembled & Tested
  • UL Listed Control Panels
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Controls
  • Valve Assemblies and Accessories



Dakota Pump manufactures packaged waste water pump stations for sanitary sewage to meet a wide variety of demands. Designed for above-ground or below-ground configurations, each pump station can be fitted with all necessary components for a complete pump station.



  • Obround flooded Suction
  • Flooded Suction
  • Self-Priming Wet Well Mounted
  • Self-Priming Buried Vault



  • Single Source Supplier - Dakota Pump Inc. can provide a complete packaged waste pump stations utilizing our Connect & Go Technology



  • UL Listed Control Panels
  • Heavy Duty Access Covers and Grates
  • Valve Assemblies and Accessories
  • CADD Drawings and Full Specifications Available on all Packaged Systems



  • Packaged Pump Stations in Fiberglass or Steel Construction
  • DPI - Connect and Go Technology
  • Name Brand Pumps and Configurations
  • Easy Removal Systems



  • Submersible Valve Package
  • Vacuum Prime - Wet Well Mounted
  • Vacuum Prime - Buried Vault